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Candy and Greg will help you and your horse gain confidence in each other by helping the rider to understand why horses do what they do and how to make that work for you as you maneuver natural obstacles and those simulating trail obstacles or work on the rail.

· A Few of the Many Things you Will Learn:

~ Balanced Grip

~ The “Hesitation” Button

~ Perfecting the Calvary stop, 2 rein stop and 1 rein stop

~ leg yields

~ mounting anywhere

~ tack fitting

~ equipment & supplies 

Everyone goes at their own speed. 

Our clinics are fun as well as educational. 

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IN 2019 

We Will Travel to You!! 

Plan your own personal clinic at  Diamond G Bar C in Montana or on the course Truhaven Ranch in Minnesota, on the trail of your choice or at your place.

· We will  offer at least one  Trail Rider’s Boot Camp at our place in Montana with camping or bunkhouse and plenty of beautiful riding.

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